In Defense of Lazy

Lazy is a word with a very negative connotation.

However, I believe there are two kinds of laziness: procrastination and positive. I would like to write this post in defense of positive laziness.

First, what I mean by procrastinative (it’s a word now) laziness. This is what happens when someone asks you when a project or task will be done and you’ve been ‘doing nothing’. This kind of laziness achieves nothing, not even relaxation and usually makes life worse because it is pure mindless procrastination. In this day and age, the internet, often in the form of Buzzfeed and Netflix, is the most common ‘nothing’ that you find yourself doing all day.

You don’t feel productive, relaxed, calm. Instead you may have inflated your stress and anxiety through this laziness. (I just coughed. Is it Ebola?!)

I, instead, would like to defend and encourage positive laziness. This past weekend is a marvelous example. I got rid of some stuff, made my costume, had lunch with some girlfriends, finished a book, and took a few walks. I did it all without a to do list and only when I felt like it

I didn’t do any ‘work’, I didn’t make money, my professional life and finances got nowhere this weekend. I didn’t schedule or plan anything. I didn’t even set an alarm.

It was the best weekend in ages.

The most important part of this weekend to me is that I forgot about my phone quite frequently. I only meant to run in and grab a cup of coffee Sunday morning, but managed to end up reading on the patio for three hours. I totally lost track of time. And I feel so relaxed for it.

Go ahead – be lazy. Unplug a bit. Clear your schedule. Or if you are the kind of person who can’t freestyle a day, schedule in some free time.

Throwing out your to do list, absolving yourself of any guilt, and living 100% in the moment for one day – doing whatever nothing you want to do – will be better than an expensive, exotic vacation.

Daydream. Read. Create. This is your life, you can do what you want. Once you step back and realize how many of your actions are made purely for the benefit of social requirements, you can start taking control of your own life….tomorrow. Today, there’s a nice walk with no destination with your name on it.


In Your Head

Every time you panic, feel afraid, become overwhelmingly sad…try this: step back, away from yourself.

I’ve been worrying a lot lately and it has been affecting all parts of my life.

The application and visa paperwork, subsequent interviews, and ultimately moving around the world is nerve-wracking. The fact that I may not get to do all this is crushing.

I’m moving out of my house to save money, so I’m donating/selling so much of my stuff and living on a friend’s couch for 1.5 months. I don’t care for stuff itself, but the illusion of security, establishment, ‘home’ is gone.

My job will definitely be over by the end of the calendar year. Teaching is the next plan, but if it doesn’t pan out…..I don’t know. I don’t have a career, I don’t know how to adult.

These are just the surface tensions I’m quickly spilling out onto my keyboard. There are so many more worries. Will I be single forever? Where should get my next haircut? I need to fix my posture. My Halloween costume may not be ready in time.

Big and small, these worries are crowding my head and kicking out useful thoughts.

What we all manage to forget in the heat of the moment is that these feelings – love, hate, fear, sadness, anxiety – are not real. (Quick note: Mental illness is very real. I’m discussing feelings, not the see-the-doctor mental state stuff.)

There is no tangible ‘hate’ for me to touch. I don’t hate anymore because the moment I stepped back from my hateful thoughts and realized I had the power to stop those feelings, they began to dissipate. It’s not worth my time, heart, or brain.

Similarly, succumbing to fear has robbed me of my power over me.

I have been letting fear run circles in my head, be an excuse to eat poorly, and distract me from my life.

The first step to real change needs to be small for it to stick. So I’m going to take one small step back. I see all my fears. They are in my head. I am in charge of what’s in my own head.

I’ve decided, right now, to step back and simply applaud myself for taking on the world. It has led to a lot or worry, but even if I fail I still lived.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

“You have fears? Good. That means you’ve gone out on a limb and lived your life.” -Me

Feel free to quote me. 😛

Times Flies And So Will I Soon

I haven’t had much time to myself lately. Now that the weather is finally turning in the direction of fall, electricity bills will naturally start going down. I’m eating with friends at home more, mostly because these wonderful dinners happen on porches.

I’m at a point in my life where my money saving skills are starting to get extreme. I don’t think I can really write relateable material about becoming a homeless couch surfer for 1-1.5 months while I save rent money with the intent of moving around the world. I’m selling my stuff, living out of bags – as of November 1st.

Why the extreme life change? Well, I may be saving money, but it will all be spent on student loans, bills, travel, and moving. My life is heading for a massive change and I must adapt if I want it to be a successful change.

I plan to become an ESL teacher in Korea. That’s the life plan now. With no teaching experience I can only hope that I come across as intelligent, capable, and worthy of the challenge.

I’ve always wanted to travel more, experience more cultures, meet new people, see how I handle language barriers and exotic cultures. I think doing this will make it easier to relate to people so different from me. I’m looking forward to a job that also allows me to actually connect to people, to make a difference.

In my far off dreams, after EPIK, I’d love to do JET (Japan), Open Doors (Chile), and maybe see if China or Vietnam has a national program. Maybe end up in Spain one day.

This isn’t very broke (though it is helping keep me there), lazy (these applications are killer), nor green (I will be flying around the globe after all), but I wanted to share since it is currently taking up most of my time and thoughts. Back to the basic tenants of this site next week, y’all. Promise.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather while we have it!


P.S. One quick update, I am back to using only diluted baking soda and diluted apple cider vinegar on my hair. I had to adjust the amount. I use roughly 2-3Tbsp of each in a quart of water. Add more by the teaspoon if it doesn’t seem very effective. I’m glad I tried again; I can go 3 days before my hair looks a bit unwashed so I only need to wash it 2 times a week. It has lightening in color and has better volume now!